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Gwozdz Surname.  A detailed study of the origin and meaning of the name Gwozdz.  This is a general study, not restricted to a specific Gwozdz family.  No specific family data in here.

Family Genealogy.  Documentation of our family genealogy.

Family Movies.  Link to family movies made during the late 1940’s.

Poster.  A family tree poster for our family.

Family Picture.  For more recent family photos and news, search for “Barbara Gwozdz Cupertino” on Facebook.

My DNA Links.  List of my web documents with results of Y-DNA research, my hobby.

Wadowice Gorne.  My data base.  Vital Records index for the birth parish of my grandfather.

Microfilms of Polish Vital Records.  Explanation of how to use the Mormon Microfilms.

Poland Trips.  Reports on my Poland genealogy travels.

Peter Gwozdz Resume.  For business purposes.

by Peter Gwozdz

Origination 27 Oct 2003

Last Update     30 Aug 2017



Poster Living Deleted.pdf

Click on the link above for a poster of my family tree.  The poster is a “pdf” file.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view it.

I deleted the names of living people from this web version.  If you are a family member please feel free to send me an email asking for the version that includes everyone.  I have both a color version and a B&W version.  I also have a version of the full poster shrunk to 8.5 by 11 format for printing on a standard printer.

You can print this poster at your local copy shop.  The size is 36 inches wide by 24 inches high.  Most copy shops have large printers.  You should be able to phone in the order, using your credit card, email the poster to the shop, and pick it up later.


The cost to print the B&W version should be $3 to $5.

The cost to print the color version should be $40 to $100, depending upon your quality choices, and upon local pricing.

If you are a relative of mine, even not a descendant of my parents, some of your ancestors are on this poster.

My DNA Links

Polish Clades.  Web explanation of Polish Y-DNA types that I have identified.

L540.  Web explanation of the Y-DNA type to which I belong, within the E1a group.

Method.  Formal publication of my statistical method for DNA analysis.

Polish Results.  Formal publication of my DNA analysis results.

Copernicus DNA.  Abstract only;  full paper will be available in 2016.

Family Genealogy

Gwozdz Family Tree.pdf.  A 188 page book.  Pdf format.  2 Megs download.  Documentation of my family tree.  Data for living people has been deleted from this web version.  Updated 30 Aug 2017.

Gwozdz Family Tree.doc.  Word version, same book.  The pdf is better for viewing and printing.  This Word version has bookmarks that serve as a handy alphabetical index.  Or if you have trouble with pdf.  Some browsers and pdf viewers, when jumping from a link to a bookmark, do not indicate exactly where they land on the bookmark.  This Word version should provide a blinking cursor to show the location.  This Word document may have viewing or printing problems on your computer because my format (page breaks and columns) may not display the same on your computer.  In order to properly use the links with Word, you may need to first save it on your computer;  try a right click on that link at the top of this paragraph.

Gwozdz Family Tree Short Version.pdf.  A short, simple version of the book.  Only 29 pages.  2017 version.  That full book is quite complex;  this version might be better for people without genealogy experience.  This version has some cute family legend stories that are not in the main book.

Gwozdz Family Tree Short Version.doc.  Word version.

Family Names.  There are hundreds of family names in that book.  The “Search” function works for both pdf and Word versions.

Sections.  The book is arranged into 8 parts, one for each of the great grandparents of my children.  You can print and study only those pages for the part or parts of interest to you.  Here is a list of the 8 parts, along with the family names that have one or more pages of data in that part.  If you got here through a search service like Google or Yahoo, click here, then go to the Table of Contents on page 2 and click on the page for the family name of interest to you.
Gwozdz.  page 5. Gut Gula Kmiec Sypek
Banas.  page 38. Wilusz Balicki Zagorski Szymanski
Iwanowicz.  page 58. Godlewski Pawlak Ruziecki
Piszewski Pisiewski.  page 79. Parzych Banasiak
West.  page 101. Barett McAtee
Baird.  page 113. Shields
Crawford.  page 132. Dart Ramsey
Magers.  page 141.
If you got here through a search service like Google or Yahoo, click here, then go to the Table of Contents on page 2 and click on the page for the family name of interest to you.

Notes.  The book has separate Notes sections, with “hot link” mouse click references.  There are general Notes sections toward the back of the book, used by more than one of the 8 parts, starting on page 143.

Pedigree Charts.  The Pedigree Charts are at the back of the book.  The Pedigree Charts serve as a detailed table of contents, with “hot link” mouse clicks.

The first edition of this book, The Gwozdz Family Tree, by Peter Gwozdz, 1999, is available on microfilm through local LDS libraries, film number 1425472.  The last update version that I distributed to family members was 18 Nov 2001.

Second Edition.  This web version is the status of the update on 10 November 2006.  The book is currently being edited, for the 2017 edition.  It’s not finished, but there has been plenty of new information added during the past decade.

Genealogy Data Base.  The following 7 files are results of my genealogy research.  You need a data base program for these files;  “ged” is a standard genealogy format.  I submitted these to the LDS web site.  All these data are already indexed on line at the LDS site.  If you know how, you can download my data from the LDS site.  You can order the data from LDS on CD’s.  Here are copies of my files.  Living people are not on these files, except me and a few people who asked me to include their names.  These data bases have ancestors, and descendants of ancestors.

Gwozdz Sep2001.ged.  This is my 1999 data submission, with the data available in 1999 for my ancestors and for the ancestors of my wife.

Gwozdz Piszewski.ged.  January 2004 submission.  Data on 5 Piszewski families who lived in the same parish as my grandmother.  I was unable to document any connection to our family.

Gwozdz Parzych.ged.  January 2004 update, with lots information that I found after 1999 about the Parzych side of my Piszewski ancestors.

Gwozdz Banasiak.ged.  January 2004 update on the Banasiak branch, which is part of the Parzych branch.  Data found after 1999.

Gwozdz Lubzina.ged.  February 2004 data for Jarvis Gwozdz Gust, whose ancestors came from Lubzina, close to where my ancestors lived.  I failed to connect his Gwozdz ancestors to mine, but here is the data.

Gwozdz Kmiec Luszowice.ged.  July 2004 update for my Kmiec ancestors, whom I found in the town of Luszowice.

Gwozdz King Wadowice.ged.  Dec 2004 data for Carol King, whose ancestors came from Wadowice, same town as my grandfather.  I established a 6th cousin relationship with Carol.

Xmas Updates.  Here is a list of my annual family genealogy updates.  These are obsolete in the sense that all the information is included in the current version of my book.  You may enjoy reading these old updates.  I leave them on line because Google & Yahoo like them, so a distant relative may find me on a web search.

Xmas Update 2005.pdf                      Xmas Genealogy 2005.doc

Xmas Update 2004.html

Xmas Update 2003.html

Xmas Update 2002.doc

Reference Documents.  These are the documents that are linked by the “Xmas Update 2003” genealogy newsletter.  These were new in 2003.

            These are .doc files that require Word for proper viewing of the layout of columns.  Web browsers often do not display these properly, particularly if Word is not on your computer.  Consider saving the file and viewing with Word, in Page Layout mode.

            Data for these documents comes from the Wadowice Gorne Vital Records.

Andrzej Morytko.doc.  A document linked by Carol King.Doc.

Carl Rapa.doc.  Identification of a 6th cousin, with detailed documentation.

Carol King.doc.  Identification of a 6th cousin, with detailed documentation.  This one was updated in 2004.

GulaDave.doc.  Another cousin, identified June 2016

GulaCousins.doc.  GulaCousins.pdf.  Summary, May 2017, four 6th cousins in the Gula tree

Jozef Gula.doc.  A document linked by Carol King.Doc.

Luszowice.doc.  A detailed study of the Kmiec family of Luszowice, including my ancestors.  It is written in a very cryptic, tedious style, as notes during my research.  I plan to rewrite this in a shorter format, for addition to my genealogy book.  This one is not from Wadowice Gorne.

Poland Trips

These are reports on my trips to Poland for genealogy and for finding distant cousins.  These documents are a bit out of date;  some of the information has been superceded by more recent research findings.  My book has the most recent information.  I do not plan to update these reports, since their archive value is actually better knowing they have not been modified.  However, bear in mind that better genealogy information is available.  If you just want to read one good short story, start with “The Fat Horse”, report number 13 in Poland 98.Doc.  These are Word 2000 documents, except 2006, which is Adobe pdf.  If you have trouble, right click, save the file on your computer, and open it from your computer.

Poland 97.Doc.  Poland 98.Doc.  Poland 99.Doc.  Poland 2002.Doc.  Poland 2004.Doc.  Poland 2006 Album.Pdf.